I am attracted to the unexpected, even the random event that occurs for each of us on a daily basis. My work challenges us to embrace the turnarounds in life that leave us with a different perspective and invites us to land in a new space.  As I approach a blank canvas, I plunge in to create that spontaneous moment--a gesture, reflecting relationships among figures or within an individual. Loving color and line, I have always been drawing, particularly figures, the exaggerated gesture and how line intersects with color; the emotion of line, the subtle as well as the direct statement.

My paintings mirror the journey of relationships in day-to-day life. The figures that I portray show the joy of connection, the navigation of connection, the pain of connection, as a well as the longing for connection. Initially, I set up a scene by positioning figures and shapes with a light wash and painted drawing. Then, I delve into color, texture and movement

More than likely though, as the journey progresses, intrigued by the mystery and the  journey of painting, the initial image transforms in unexpected ways to become something differently alive. The picture becomes a tapestry of layered colors; some under painting is revealed, some remaining hidden beneath.  Relying increasingly on my non dominant left hand for painting, due to my experience with Multiple Sclerosis, my work has taken on a looser and even more expressionistic quality. When I am asked about the meaning or intent of my work, I often invite the viewer to tap into their own associations in order to give the experience a personal meaning. 

often, my paintings are met with pause and intrigue. A frequent description of the viewer’s impression of the images that I create is couched in the word “provocative”. The mystery suggested within the figure and gestures is an invitation for contemplation and wonder, for recognition and commonality.

Bio- I am a  visual artist who utilizes drawing and painting to express the complexities of emotion and relationships. Currently, I am member of Gallery 114 having joined the collective in November 2014.  Most recently I have exhibited my work in exhibitions at Gallery 114 as well as in several group shows there as well as in other local venues, in Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay area.

Originally from Northern New Jersey, and after also living in Manhattan, Washington DC.  and San Francisco/Berkeley,  I have always engaged in community based painting and drawing activities to enhance my practice. My work has been guided through a variety of classes, from a workshop at the Art Students League in NYC to an apprenticeship with a photo realist in DC to live figure ateliers in all places that I have resided.

in addition to being an artist, my career has also encompassed a profession in special education as teacher, facilitator, advocate and behavior consultant.

Gallery affiliations:

1989-1994-Gallery Route 1- Point Reyes, California

1997-2000- Hawthorne Street Gallery- Portland Oregon

2014-present- Gallery 114, Portland, Oregon



2016    “Looking at you looking at Me”- - Unitarian Church- Art Wall, Portland, Or

2016-  “Reflections on Falling Up”- Gallery 114, Portland, Or

2017    “jaywalking”- Gallery 114, Portland, Or


Juried exhibitions:

2015-  Beaverton Arts Mix Exhibit

2016- “Chasing Ghosts”- Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2017- “Generous Kingdoms” - Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2018- “Living Mark 5” Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2018- Portland Open Studios- October 2018-Portland, Oregon

2018 “She Flies With Her Own Wings”  - Salem Art Association,  Salem Oregon

2019 “Living Mark 6” - Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, Oregon


Group exhibitions:

2012     “The ReImagination Project”

2015    “Exposure”- Gallery 114, Portland, Or

2016    “ Connections”- Gallery 114, Portland, Or

2018    “Dwelling in Possibilities” – Gallery 114, Portland, Or

2019     “ Redoux”   Gallery 114, Portland, or



September 2019- “Serendipity”- featured artist with guest Kim Murton- Gallery 114 Portland, Or

October 2019- Portland Open Studios 2019

November  2019- Bohio Gallery with artist Hampton Rodriguez- Portland Oregon

June 2019- Ford Gallery -  Three Figurative Artists  , Portland, Or



Private collections in          Washington, DC

             New York, New York           

                         Cleveland, Ohio

             Capetown, South Africa

             Portland, Oregon

 Columbia, South Carolina

 Lawrence, Kansas